General terms and conditions

Terms and conditions membership Sports Center Verbon


  1. Joining fee – non-recurring - is €15
  2. The contribution fee will be taken from your bank account by direct debit prior to each month
  3. One month notice for canceling your membership
  4. Registration fee, contribution fee for the first month as well as contribution after one month’s notice are to be paid in cash at registration. In the case of registration after the start of a month, contribution for the first month is calculated proportionally.
  5. In case contribution and other obligations cannot be collected, a reminder with the request paying the contribution within 14 days will be sent. If further payment is not received, a €10 administration fee will be charged.
  6. Membership cancellation can only occur in writing in the first half of a month.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse entry to people with outstanding payments. Outstanding payments until the end of cancellation notice will be charged.
  8. Monthly contribution is charged during (school) vacations and national holidays.
  9. Membership is nontransferable.
  10. This membership card remains in possession of Sports Center Verbon and is accessible on request. If desired, a copy can be provided.
  11. Our contribution fee may be increased. This will be announced with 1 months’ notice on our website, in our club and/or on our Facebook page. Members can stop their membership, in which one month’s notice will automatically apply.
  12. In the case of members being unable to practice their membership (due to e.g. illness or injuries), the first month is at the members’ own expense. After one month, in consultation with us, membership can be paused.
  13. Membership fees paid in advance are non-refundable.
  14. Members who show unwanted behavior inside or outside our club, or who discredit our club’s reputation, may be refused entry. Outstanding payments until the end of cancellation notice will be charged.
  15. Verbon sports center holds the right, in the case of legal to amend the terms and conditions of our membership. Members will be notified ahead of time and may either continue their membership by signing the amendments, or cancel their membership taking into account the cancellation notice.


  1. The member hereby declares to, to the best of their knowledge to be in good health and not knowingly incapable of engaging in either active or passive exercise and that such exercise would not be detrimental to their health, safety, comfort, wellbeing or physical condition.
  2. This statement is also valid if the membership card is signed by parent or guardian.
  3. If the member’s circumstances change, we shall be informed in writing immediately.
  4. Members who are capable of becoming pregnant, will be alert as not to participate in classes while pregnant.
  5. In case a member is pregnant, we shall immediately be informed in writing and membership will be paused. They also have the opportunity to cancel their membership, taking into account the cancellation notice.
  6. The member declares not to have a medical history which hinders class participation.
  7. In case the member uses medication, they are required to show a doctor’s certificate which states class participation is permissible.
  8. Every member is advised to undergo a medical examination at own expense before participating in classes.


  1. Members need to have their own materials at their disposal, being boxing gloves (14oz minimum), heavy bag gloves, hand wraps, mouth guard, and jump rope
  2. Using hand wraps and mouth guard is mandatory in each class
  3. Using head guard, groin guard, and/or chest guard is advised.


  1. Taking part in classes, using materials, and accessing our sport venue being the entrance hall, main hall, cafeteria, and locker rooms, as well as our supplies closet is at member’s own risk.
  2. Sport center Verbon is not liable for injury or accidents following use of our facility and amenities.
  3. Directions of our trainers are to be followed at all times.
  4. Sport center Verbon is not liable for damage to or loss of members’ possessions
  5. The member is liable for damage to the building, possessions of others, and physical or mental harm inflicted on others. Last mentioned applies only to instances of harm which are not part of the risk of boxing.
  6. The member is aware that boxing is a full contact sport, in which injuries or harm may occur, like in other sports.
  7. The member is aware that participating in our classes and other activities may lead to harm or injuries.
  8. It is forbidden to train or plan for training activities of one’s own accord, without notifying our trainers.


  1. Members are required to take care of their personal hygiene before, during, and after training, also by using our sanitary amenities and a towel.
  2. Using stimulants is not allowed
  3. In our training hall, only water and sports drinks from lockable bottles may be consumed.
  4. Food may only be consumed in our cafeteria.
  5. Athletic shoes with non-marking soles are mandatory. Shoes must be clean and never worn outside.
  6. During training, mobile phones must be switched off.
  7. Members will take care of cleaning the accommodation when they cause a non-hygienic environment, this at discretion of our staff.
  8. In our cafeteria, people are expected to behave as guests.


Training times / class times may be altered without listing a reason. This will be timely communicated in our club, on our website, or on our Facebook page.


  1. In case of situations which are not described above, staff of Sports center Verbon decide.
  2. It is forbidden to conduct business inside our sports accommodation
  3. The member shall aim to create and safeguard a positive atmosphere inside our sports accommodation.