Competitive boxing

We are affiliated with the Dutch Boxing Federation and NOC*NSF, and since 1975, have taken part in club galas, national, and international fights. Our competition group consists of a great number of highly ambitious fighters who train together to achieve great results. The group always consists of both men and women of different ages and from different backgrounds.

Our fighters, together with our trainers, often go to clinics of other trainers, take part in organized exchanges with other clubs, and go to training camps abroad in preparation of their fights.

Would you like to fight competitively, tell our trainers, and we will look at how to best accommodate you. You will need a lot of discipline, motivation, time and grit. We provide you with our assistance, supervision and coaching!

  • Training under certified trainers of the Dutch Boxing Federation and NOC/NSF.
  • Fights in The Netherlands and abroad
  • Training weekends
  • Boxing vacation weeks
  • Intensive workouts
  • Many possibilities for female fighters
  • Sparring with former competitive fighters
  • A sociable and close-knit group

Practical information

  • See our training timetable for class days and times
  • You need:
    • Comfortable athletic clothes
    • Clean athletic shoes
    • A mouth guard
    • Hand wraps
    • Sparring gloves
    • Heavy bag gloves
    • Heart rate monitor
    • Amateur boxing license
    • Boxing physical examination (we assist you with this)
    • A yearly contribution to the Dutch Boxing Federation



Free trial lesson

Je bent van harte welkom om een proefles te komen volgen om het boksen zelf te ervaren. Een proefles kost 10,- euro die gerestitueerd wordt bij inschrijving.

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