Personal training

Personal training is the perfect way to achieve your goals. We offer personal training for all possible goals: get to a competitive boxing level, lose weight, get in shape, gain confidence, stay fit, etc.

In an intake conversation we look at your starting level, decide your short-term goals together and find out what you love doing. Based on this information, we make a training plan and decide on the duration (once, a short period or regularly), the intensity and training activities.

Your personal trainer will keep you motivated, challenged, and have you meet your goals.

Training in a small group also belongs to the possibilities.

  • Training under certified trainers of the Dutch Boxing Federation and NOC/NSF.
  • Setting and achieving your own goals
  • Mittwork
  • Personal trainer who motivates you
  • Pushing your limits challenging yourself getting your sweat on

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Free trial lesson

Je bent van harte welkom om een proefles te komen volgen om het boksen zelf te ervaren. Een proefles kost 10,- euro die gerestitueerd wordt bij inschrijving.

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