Recreational boxing

Boxing is a great way to relax. In addition, it is the sport to get and stay in shape. Boxing is challenging because it appeals to your body and mind as a whole: endurance, strength, speed, coordination, flexibility, mental resilience, etc. etc. A fighter is constantly in motion: moving, defending, punching, and all this in infinite combinations of movement. Boxing is one of the most difficult sports to master, and that is why it will never bore you. Ask the recreational fighters who have been with us for decades. Boxing is and will be a sport for all ages!

We offer boxing under the most reliable circumstances: certified coaches and thorough explanation of all the ins and outs of boxing to all our athletes.

Every individual is coached at their own level. We see to it that our athletes can safely learn from each other, now and in the future. We expect great respect from our athletes to one another. This is how we guarantee a great atmosphere in our club.

  • Classes by certified trainers of the Dutch Boxing Federation and NOC/NSF.
  • Each individual is coached at their own level
  • Real boxing with focus on technique, coordination, speed, strength, endurance and flexibility
  • Frequent activities such as club competitions, drinks, bbq, etc.
  • Opportunity to move on to competitive boxing (if desired)
  • Various opportunities to spar, often in cooperation with other boxing clubs

Practical information

  • See our training timetable for class days and times
  • You need:
    • Comfortable athletic clothes
    • Clean athletic shoes
    • A mouth guard
    • Hand wraps
    • Boxing gloves (14 ounce, after two weeks)



Free trial lesson

Je bent van harte welkom om een proefles te komen volgen om het boksen zelf te ervaren. Een proefles kost 10,- euro die gerestitueerd wordt bij inschrijving.

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