Kids and youth 11 - 14

Fun is at the core of our youth classes. We strive to offer our boxing youth a good time, and have them experience the advantages of being active so that hopefully they become enthusiastic about sports in general, and even better: boxing. Classes consist of teaching boxing techniques, in which coordination and technique are the most important elements, but also a strong foundation is established for endurance, speed, strength, and flexibility.

A safe environment is highly important during training, which requires discipline and respect from our boxing youth. During our classes, physical and mental limits are pushed. Considering the physical and mental growth and developmental phase of each individual, we strive to make our trainings challenging, and growing our pupils’ self-esteem as well as resilience and autonomy. Inexplicitly, we work on a confident attitude and becoming aware of the choices young people have. We believe that by working out intensively together, young people become more aware of themselves and are better able to position themselves in society. 

  • Classes by certified trainers of the Dutch Boxing Federation and NOC/NSF.
  • Learning how to box, pushing your limits
  • Extra activities such as partaking in central trainings, training outside, visiting amateur fights, training with competitive elite boxers, and much more!
  • Safety, discipline and respect
  • Taking into account physical growth and developmental phases


Practical information:

  • You need:

o   Comfortable athletic clothes

o   Clean athletic shoes

o   A mouth guard

o   Hand wraps

o   Boxing gloves (10 ounce, after two weeks)




Free trial lesson

Je bent van harte welkom om een proefles te komen volgen om het boksen zelf te ervaren. Een proefles kost 10,- euro die gerestitueerd wordt bij inschrijving.

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