Especially for women, we offer separate female boxing classes. During these classes, only women from 17 years old and up train. We have years of experience in offering female classes and know from personal experience that women sometimes like to train together because it offers a more familiar environment, but also because weight and length are matched better. In addition, women are generally better technical boxers, and do not rely as heavily on ‘brute force’.

We are proud to say that we have put many competitive female fighters on the Dutch boxing map who have achieved many successes, among which a silver medal on the world championships, and recently a gold medal in the open division 69 kg during the national championships.

During our classes, you will really box, and try to apply the techniques that you have been taught. Losing weight and improving your overall fitness is a natural result. The classes are very diverse, and consist of various technical exercises, optional sparring, hitting the heavy bags, jump ropes, strength and conditioning, etc. Besides that, having fun, talking, and laughing are definitely also part of our classes!

Needless to say, women are also more than welcome at our mixed classes.

  • Classes by certified trainers of the Dutch Boxing Federation and NOC/NSF.
  • Sociable all female class
  • Real boxing with focus on technique, coordination, speed, strength, endurance and flexibility
  • Dressing room and showers
  • Pushing your limits, challenging yourself, getting your sweat on

Practical information

  • See our training timetable for class days and times
  • You need:
    • Comfortable athletic clothes
    • Clean athletic shoes
    • A mouth guard
    • Hand wraps
    • Over time, your own gloves



Free trial lesson

Je bent van harte welkom om een proefles te komen volgen om het boksen zelf te ervaren. Een proefles kost 10,- euro die gerestitueerd wordt bij inschrijving.

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